Secure yourself some crypto-history with these STONKS Bros collectible NFT’s

We can now offer these exclusive Limited Edition NFT’s that allocates fifty percent (50%) of the purchase price of every STONKS Bros NFT to be sent directly into the crypto wallet of the Rise Above Foundation Cebu, thanks to “smart contract” technology built into the blockchain.

They will receive this donation within seconds and can instantly use these funds to help with their daily activities to improve the lives of thousands of families they support with their work in the Philippines.

With cool new Limited Edition collectibles releasing each week, you can show off your favourite crypto’s and STONKS Bros characters while also helping to support a fantastic charity with every purchase. due to the brilliant platform the team at have created.

The beauty of these NFT’s is that there is also a much lower secondary royalty of only thirteen percent (13%) applied on re-sales, of which fifty percent (50%) of this again goes directly to the Rise Above Foundation Cebu, the eighty seven (87%) balance goes to the seller, so as the market appreciates for these limited edition NFT’s, an astute buyer will also benefit from the increased demand and higher selling prices of these collectibles.

This is an incredible opportunity now for all good people, business’s and brands to help make a real difference while also investing in a brand new technology that is only going to grow in value over time.

We are entering a new era for digital NFT collectibles and by building incredible use cases like this we hope to inspire others to do the same. This is just the birthing phase of utilising NFT’s and the future is bright for how we can all use this technology to help change the world for the better.

As this platform grows and the technology improves, we will bring new opportunities and use cases for these STONKS Bros NFT’s, apart from looking cool in your collection and knowing you have helped some wonderful people.

These Limited Edition NFT’s will have several tiers on offer, from the casual fan, to the serious collector (and charity giver), the numbers of each release are limited and once these are sold out, there will never be more created, so you will then have to try to complete your sets by buying these on the open markets:









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