STONKS Bros Changing the Game of NFTs and Making it Cooler
Collect Limited Edition NFT’s while making the world a better place

When you purchase a STONKS Bros NFT, You’re getting more than an iconic piece of NFT art to add to your collection - you’re also helping thousands of less fortunate families In the Philippines.

Through smart contract technology built into the blockchain, 50% of the purchase price of each limited edition NFT is donated immediately to the crypto wallet of the Rise Above Foundation Cebu.

Unlike other collections, these NFT’s have a positive impact in the real world, with 50% of all sales going directly to help feed and clothe real people, so you can show off your favorite NFT’s, all while knowing you have supported a worthwhile charity.

The world is quickly changing—NFTs are here to stay.
It’s our hope that by partnering with the Rise Above Foundation Cebu, we’ll inspire other NFT creators to do the same. This collection is the start of a new era, where cryptocurrency enables individuals to spread wealth more equitably. Together, we can use technology to help change the world for the better.

lucky wallet

PLUS 10% of all sales goes directly into the Lucky Wallet where every NFT holder has a chance to win $100 BUSD every time the balance reaches this amount, the more NFT’s you own, the more chances you have. It’s a true win-win situation for all.

Our limited-edition NFTs are available in several tiers to satisfy the interests of everyone—from the casual fan to the avid collector. Once a collection is sold out, there won’t be more created and you’ll have to try your hand at getting one on the open market. In other words, don’t hesitate!









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