“We Choose To Go To The Moon”

is the new global anthem for the crypto-world! Fan bois and moon girls unite for the common good, this is the catch-cry for the new golden era, so come along for the ride
to the moon, mars and beyond!

The world loves a good hero and the cryptocurrency space is no exception. The STONKS Bros. are here to save the planet from the evil bankster’s and their reptilian overlords.

Crypto tribalism is cool, but crypto UNITY is better!

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This new crypto anthem also comes with international DJ remixes from the likes of Filip Ka, Dave Ruthwell, Vagabond, John Lock, Dan McKie, Samuel Abello and more.

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To coincide with the single release, this project also includes some Exclusive Limited Edition Collectable NFT’s. Show off your support for your favourite crypto by collecting some of these limited edition STONKS Bros. releases all available exclusively through the Enter.Art store.



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At the same time as securing your own piece of STONKS Bros. NFT history, due to the magic of “blockchain and smart contracts”, you’ll also be supporting literally thousands of families based in the Philippines, as fifty percent (50%) of all sales of these collectable NFT’s goes directly to an amazing charity called Rise Above Foundation Cebu.

The team there do great work in helping to feed, clothe, educate and improve the overall quality of life for many underserved families in the Philippines for over twenty years now.

You can see some of the incredible work they do every day at their website.

Visit riseabove-cebu.org

We hope this projects helps to shine a light on this great foundation and bring a whole new group of supporters to their efforts. When you reach out and say hello, tell them the STONKS Bros. sent you, they are changing lives every day!

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